Connect To India Pvt. Ltd. develops B2B ecommerce solutions to help sellers establish and nurture long-term and productive relationship with customers. B2B ecommerce solutions are basically a platform for ecommerce transaction among business around the globe.  B2B is primarily concerned with supply chain management and plays a vital role in connecting manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, With our b2b ecommerce solutions your business get hike in exploring the network worldwide with ease. Custom B2B web development is an effective way to deliver your end users the detailed information about your company, products and services.

B2B Portal Project Specification

  • Register (free) form field will be provided by client.
  • Login.
  • Create catalog.
  • Create category if not in list.
  • Select theme (currently 2 themes will be available).


  • Search product
  • Enquiry about product
  • Send enquiry

Login and logout

  • For one user the login-state can be either logged in or not logged in.
  • The system shall store the login-state in a server session.
  • The user is asked to provide username and password on a log-in page. We will not use mobile number for login.
  • The user provides a correct username and password.
  • The user is logged in and a functionality page is shown

User Logout

  • Precondition: The user is logged in
  • The user is presented to a page that includes a logout link.
  • The user requests to be logged out.
  • The user is logged out and informed about this through on the next page that is displayed.


User would be able to register in site. After registration he/she will get an email for email verification.  After verification of mail he would be able to login system. Registration fields would be as image below. We are not using SMS gateway for mobile verification.

Forgot Password

To retrieve user password, he need to enter email whatever he used during registration. After submission he will get a link  on their email. On clicking that link he will be redirect to site and would be able to change his/her password.

Post Your Requirement Free

When a visitor will send post requirement then an email will send to all matching sellers. When this user will register then we will show his/her requirement in dashboard.

General Links

  • About us
  • Contact Us page with map and general information.
  • Help for buyer and seller. One page open for each buyer and seller where help contents will be listed.
  • Sitemap. Site links will be here
  • Feedback form
  • Complaints form
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms of use
  • Privacy policy

Manage Profile

  • User will be able to manage product. He will be able to add/edit/delete products and services. User can upload maximum four image of a product.
  • User will be able to see all his enquiry.
  • User will be able to edit his/her contact details.
  • User will be able to change his/her password.
  • User will be able to remove his account.
  • User will be able to add/edit company information.
  • My Tools-> User will enter their google map and
  • Add GST Identification number form

Note: All third party like SMS, payment gateway, Domain, hosting, SSL, CDN need to provide from client.

Why We For B2B Portal
  • We have team of Experts who work in reputed B2B Industries Who have strong knowledge of B2B.
  • Transparent and clear communication for long term business relation.
  • Responsive & SEO friendly E-commerce web designs for target huge audience of internet user.
  • We also offer Training session to help manage your B2B website.